Vacation Cabin in Pollock Pines offers a wide range of activities for both active entertainment and relaxation.

Relax during the day in a community Club House with two swimming pools (for children and adults), games, and a picnic area.  Or drive for 3 minutes to the nearby Jenkinson Lake ($10.00 access fee) and spend the day on a shore under tall pines.  Numerous picnic areas, swimming beaches, and miles of easy walking/hiking trails offer a full day of relaxation.  In the evening, have a dinner on the deck or take the party to a fire pit in the backyard.

Active entertainment includes many miles of pristine hiking and mountain biking.  A wide range of water activities on Jenkinson Lake such boating (no jet skis), water skiining and wakeboarding.  There are many miles of offroad tracks and fire roads to explore in a 4×4.

Dining.  Our favorite places are Shilla Teriyaki & Sushi Bar (between Pollock Pines and Placerville, 2942 Paul Bunyon Rd, Placerville, CA). Fifty Grand Steakhouse (near Safeway, 6401 Pony Express Trail, Pollock Pines, CA 95726) also receives high reviews.

Fire at Night.  Backyard is setup for sitting around a campfire. Firewood is located near the fire ring. Metal bars are available near the fire pit for making kabob (kabob sticks are in the kitchen).

Family board games.  Get together in the living room and play some games.  Janga is always popular and fun.

Board games

More board games

Yoga or Pilates.  Instructional DVDs and yoga mats are available. For a particularly authentic experience, have a yoga session in the morning on the back deck.

Yoga mat & rubber bands

Movie watching on 60-inch HD projection screen. Watch movies either using DVD player or from your own computer via HDMI/VGA cable. A collection of movies, all seasons of Friends, and all series of Harry Potter are available for your selection.

Hundreds of DVDs

Happy Potter books & DVDs

All seasons of Friends on DVD

PlayStation 2 Game Night.  From young children (Nemo) to teenagers (racing) to adults (tournament), there are games for everyone.  Test your gaming skills for an our, or whole night.

PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 Games

Remote Controlled (RC) Cars Race.  Suitable for children and adults, a pair of Lego Dirt Racers is waiting to compete of-road or on asphalt.
(NOTE: Take special care when charging batteries not to cross Red and Black contacts.)

Lego Dirt Racer RC Cars

Living Room Concert Night.  For those musically includes and with instrument playing skills, guitar, electrical piano, and electrical drum set are available.  Make your own living room concert.

Musical Instruments

Tennis & Ping pong.  Whether you enjoy large or small table tennis, both are available. Ping pong table is located in the club house by the pool.  Paddles are provided there.  Tennis courts are located in the HOA area.


Home Office.  A desk, chair, secondary monitor and mouse are provided.  Bring and connect your laptop and catch up on your work or turn on creative processes while watching trees through the window.

Home Office

Gold Ridge Community. The Community area and the pool are located: left on Garnet from the Cabin, right on Sly Park road, near-immediate left at Gold Ridge sign, immediate right and again right to parking lot. This community center offers a wide range of active activities, namely tennis, shuffleboard, badminton, Ping-Pong, volleyball, water classes, and other games. Passive activities include bbq areas, children’s and adult pools, kids’ playground, and access to club house.
News, classes, calendar of community events:

pollock pines vacation cabin retreat HOA clubhouse

Large clubhouse is available for events upon arrangement

Pool. Pool and picnic places are at Gold Ridge recreation area 200 feet up Sly Park Road. Electronic key to gated area with the pool is located on the hanger by the main entry door of the house. Please keep the key on the hanger when not in use.

Jenkinson Lake. This beautiful lake is located within 5 minute drive down Sly Park Road. It offers pick nick areas, camping, great fishing spots, swimming with rocky and sandy beaches, and a 9-mile loop around the lake. The trail is excellent for hiking or for mountain biking. Lake allows all kinds of boats besides jet skis.

jenkinson lake sly park summer

Boating and swimming at Jenkinson Lake

Fishing.  Jenkinson Lake is known for great fishing experience.  Stop by the shop near the lake entrance to check out “catch of the month” board.

pollock pines vacation cabin jenkinson lake fishing

"Catch of the Month" board near Jenkinson Lake

Mountain Biking. The nearby area offers several pristine mountain biking spots.

  • Jenkinson Lake Loop. A 9-mile loop around Jenkinson Lake (level: easy-medium). Make it a 15-mile round-trip from the Cabin. It involves going down Sly Park road to the lake as fast as you’d like, but keep in mind the return uphill climb of 600 ft from the lake level to the Cabin.
pollock pines cabin vacation retreat jenkinson lake mtb loop

Jenkinson Lake Loop

  • Spillway Trail. This fire-road trail goes down the spillway and creek flowing from Jenkinson Lake (level: medium). It is about 10-mile round-trip. The trail starts at the first dam (marked), and loops back via Sly Park Road (there is a nice trail on the East side of the road).
jenkinson lake mtb spillway

Spillway from Jenkinson Lake Trail

  • PG&E Trail (due to lack of better name). This is a network of fire roads and single track trails for easy, medium, or extreme biking. All trails are in a beautiful pine forest. There is a map of clearly marked trails about 1 mile past the second dam on Mormon Immigrant Trail.
jenkinson lake cabin vacation retreat mtb pge

A network of nice MTB trails

Immigrant Trail Scenic Drive to Overlook. This 3-hour round trip is a great one-day adventure. On the junction of 88 and Mormon Emigrant, there is a Black Rock overlook – a scenic overview point at a vast canyon. This is a great destination for a lunch, to read a book (bring lawn chairs), or to find solitude. Stop by at a deserted ski resort to explore abandoned buildings and equipment. It creates a feeling of abandonment and makes you feel like you are the last person left on Earth. The resort is located at the end of Immigrant Trail when you drive from the Jenkinson Lake and before you reach HWY 88. It is on the junction of 88 and Mormon Emigrant. Known as Iron Mountain at one time it is now completely abandoned (used to be a caretaker but now just an empty and shot up modern trailer). The lodge, hotel, restaurants, ski equipment, rental office, and dorms are all still there. Even has rental skis and boots lying all over the place. Very strange.

pollock pines vacation cabin mormon immigrant trail

Driving on Mormon Immigrant Trail in summer (closed winters)

pollock pines vacation cabin mormon immigrant trail abandoned resort

Abandoned ski resort on Mormon Immigrant Trail

pollock pines vacation cabin mormon immigrant trail overlook

The overlook at the end of Mormon Immigrant Trail


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